Our chickens are antibiotic free, hormone free, and free roaming. All of our food is made in our kitchen from whole, all natural ingredients. we pickle the pickles and cheese the mac. 

About Rotisserie

From the moment humans controlled fire, we were roasting things over it on a spit. Rotisserie cooking over an open flame is truly ancient. At rotisseur, we don’t have a campfire, we have a state of the art, fully motorized oven from France. The next best thing, as it were.

Winner-winner chicken dinner.

Red onion, Pulled chicken, BBQ sauce, carrot.
Cucumber, Cilantro, Rotisseur Chicken, Lime.
Crispy Chicken Skin, Jalapeno.

Why ours is so good

We’ve told you about our chicken supply. they’re great chickens. we’ve told you about our oven. it’s a real beaut. what we haven’t told you, and sorry, we never will, is about our secret recipes and techniques. what we can tell you is that it takes two days from the time we get the chickens until the chickens are ready to be cooked. that is a lot of love and attention paid to one little chicken and we guarantee that no one else is doing that for you. the end result is the chickeniest chicken you’ll ever have.

come get some, see for yourself 





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