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Before Spain invaded Mexico in 1521, the Mayan Indians influenced Mexican cuisine. They brought new livestock, dairy products and many other spices with them. The Mexican cuisine was influenced most by Spanish food. Moctezuma is the best of Philadelphia’s Mexican and Mediterranean food.

Mexican Food: A Retrospective

In 1519, the first Spanish conquerors reached the Aztec capital. Mexico City is where they are today. They met Montezuma, the Aztec emperor who loved a mix of honey, chocolate, and vanilla. It was a Mexican-Indian native delicacy, and its invention was credited the Mayans. The drink would be accepted worldwide even after its invention. The Aztecs’ diverse food offerings fascinated the conquerors. In the 1520’s, Mexico received plants and animals from Spain. These included chickens, sheep and goats as well as cattle, pigs, pigs, sheep, goats and pigs. Also imported from Spain were ingredients such as olive oil and cinnamon, oregano and coriander.

Mexico was ruled by Ferdinand Maximilian, an Austrian archduke, from 1864-1867. He was brought to power by French troops. Maximilian’s reign was short-lived and destructive but French cuisine remained an influence on much of Mexican food. French-inspired Mexican cuisine includes chiles En Nogado, stuffed chilies with walnut and conejo En Mostaza (rabbit with mustard sauce).

Salsa and Mexican Cuisine

It can be difficult to imagine Mexican food without thinking about salsa. Contrary to popular belief tomatoes are not the main ingredient in its creation. A Mexican meal’s red sauce is often made from chilies. Mexicans are highly skilled cooks, and can give even a basic recipe a unique flavor that elevates it. Moctezuma offers the best Mexican food Philadelphia has to offer. They have a variety of salsa options, as the sauce is considered a fundamental and essential component to every Mexican dish.

Salsa is a mixture of tomatoes, chilies, and other spices. Its history began with the Aztecs (the first inhabitants of Mexico) and the Mayans (the Mayans). In the course of their conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards discovered tomatoes and thus began the improvement of salsa sauce. Original salsa was made from tomatoes, chili peppers and squash seeds. It is usually paired with fish, lobster and turkey.

Every recipe requires a particular chili to be used. To preserve the original taste, it is likely that only the best varieties of peppers or chiles are used. Moctezuma Mexican Cuisine in Philadelphia is a great place to enjoy authentic Mexican food. They stick to traditional recipes.