Rotisseur is your neighbor. Our place is warm and welcoming, and our food is simple and honest.

We opened Rotisseur because we love our home and wanted to visit a new place. A place that is affordable and healthy. It also serves fresh, local produce and meat. Everything is made here, except the bread. We pickle and shuck the corn. We have made it a point to be as local as possible, so the menu will change according to the seasons. This means some of your favorite dishes will be gone, so grab them while they are still available. we love peaches!). We will always have the same delicious chicken, which is raised in Lancaster County. It is free of antibiotics and hormones, is halal and cage-free. We tried many birds, but this was our favorite. It’s from just down-the-road. As we explore the many possibilities of spit-roasted meats, we will have more variety in our rotisserie. lamb? pork? duck? Who knows? What do you want? We are proud to partner with local farmers, and we can’t wait to see what they bring us this summer. We won’t give it to anyone if it’s not something we would eat. We stand behind every product we make, and we are confident that you will love it. Simple and straightforward. Chicken-y chicken and corny muffins. Get some.